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A Geek’s Dream: Chapter_5 ;)

“————–Chapter 5: My (Neverending) Whacky Ideas ————-“

A Note :- Every character written in the story are purely fictitious. It has no resemblance or connection with any living or dead person.



After I drove Naina to her home. Everything was converging to one simple question, ‘What was that call all about? ‘. I wasn’t able to sleep over-thinking about it.

So, I took out the laptop to finish a ppt. I had to meet my boss, Mr. Kumar, the next morning.

—————– The next morning. . .

‘Good morning Sir. How are you? ‘, I asked him while shaking his hand. He never arrives late.

‘Morning Ayan’. Mr. Kumar wished me back. ‘How’s life treating you?’.

‘Fine. I guess, Sir’. We entered into his cabin.

‘Sir, this new phone is going to have a service called eye-click. This feature can be activated by “wink-ing” toward its front camera.’ I showed him the presentation from my laptop while discussing the feature, that we may launch into the forthcoming mobile-devices.

‘I never doubted you Ayan, but do you actually think, that people will wink against a screen?’. It sums up his question.

‘don’t doubt it, Sir. it’ll be going to leave its mark in the technology’,’it is going to be a killer service.’

‘& what makes you think like that?’.

‘its easiness to open any app just with a wink, that’s going to make this feature popular’, ‘we want everything to be done by itself. e.g. We can use left and right wink for flipping through an e-magazine back and forth. We can use this feature to convert the camera option from video mode to picture-clicking mode. & whole lot more, during the course we find the valid application of this feature’, I actually told that to Mr. Kumar in single stretch of breath.

‘hold-on boy, relax. Slowly. You seems to be bit excited by this feature. I can observe. But what’s the delivery time of this extension?’, Mr. Kumar asked intriguingly.

‘it’ll take two man month.’, I said that while making a peace sign from my right hand.

We discussed for another 10 min & I left towards my cabin.

Still, I couldn’t get away from the thought of that suspicious call Naina didn’t pick. Wandering between work and parallel random equations I entered into my cabin.

‘Sir, you’ve three meetings aligned today’, Ayesha informed me about the schedule.

‘Noted Juneja ji’,’is Naman in the office?’, I asked while removing and mounting my jacket on chair.

‘He’s in a meeting right now’. She told me pointing towards the meeting room with the half-chewed other end of the pencil. Yes, she does it too !

‘Ok. Thanks’. I pull out the drawer to get the strapler to stapple some docs.

———— in the lunch with NAMAN

‘How was the meeting with Mr. Kumar ? ‘, he jokingly winked while asking. I talked out this wink-idea with him before going and explaining to our boss.

‘I know. Stop pulling the leg. He accepted to see it and given me 1 month to do it. After that he shall see, whether we can put this as a core service in the device or not’. I told him while taking the sip of freshly brewed coffee.

‘that’s great. At least you convinced him to see the demo’.


‘Ok then, all the best for this idea. I’ve quite busy schedule today. Catch you later’. He stood up and left, collecting his blazer from the chair.

‘Yeah sure. Me too. Bye’.

FACT NOTE: I, with 3 other friend-cum-colleagues, was successfully able to demo the ‘Wink-idea’ in the organization on 11:55 a.m. of 31st January,2014 . 😉 😉


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