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Waiting, 15 years: to ask a question !

Chennai Express Poster

Disclaimer : A True Story


She left no stone unturned in making sure that she’s steadily advancing towards the goal of her life & is gradually coming in her vicinity.
All her efforts were clinging upon a simple rationale of life’s spectrum. A question!
How one can be so stubborn, so determined?
She has thrived in every ounce of her life, just to get a chance to ask one simple question.
Who she wants her answers from? What she was waiting for so impatiently, yet peacefully?


Hritima Dongra is a top-notch generalist. She always have craved to be one.
Her trophies, won from multiple intra and inter-school debate competition, are constantly humming her story of how ferocious & flawless she was in public speaking, whenever bestowed to speak upon the podium.
She’s doing it now without any stage, but with a camera in front of her, she definitely has widened her audience, by becoming an integral part of a well-known media house.
Her innate ability to put forth pertinent arguments that allowed her to excel at just about any debate she  has ever been part of.
She nurtured her oratory skill to become a silver-tongue generalist .She earned it through her perseverance.
By her cogent arguments over any sensitive topic she can make any politician, or their contrary, to walk on a tightrope.
All of her ferocity, stubbornness & patience was an effort to make her dream come true.


Becoming a media person was just a step in the ladder.
It was her visceral craving.
She wanted to ask this question from a person she has seen in movies of Bollywood, a person she has seen in DDLJ.
YES ! She want to tête–à–tête with none other than Shah Rukh Khan !
She was a true fan. Though everyone want to get their questions answered, from their personal favorite celebrity, but a very few go extra mile to make sure that they get one. She was definitely from one of those who can move mountains in realizing her dreams.


Today, she has got a chance to meet him. It was no coincidence at all !
In Pullman hotel, Gurgaon.
SRK is coming to promote his new film, Chennai Express.
Her mind is running around in delirium, internally. Externally, she is wearing a confident visage.


A lot of questions are being bombarded upon SRK. He is giving answers in his charismatic style. He is elegantly dresses. Dandy, I must say.


Getting a byte from the person concerned in a room full of enthusiastic generalists is not trivial at all !
Somehow all reporters are following a de-facto standard of putting up a question in front of him to get his byte, in an one-by-one order.


Questions are being thrown upon him from his personal to professional life. Surrogacy, was the hottest !
Some are still interested in knowing his favorite co-star actress, actor, director and so on, so forth !
& then, her chance came up !
By any stretch of the imagination, she wont let go of this opportunity !
Her mind is in hysteria.


“Yes”, she thought in her mind & asked.



God, I’m sorry !

Sins, what I’ve done
Thoughts, that didn’t meant good,
Urges, that lead to me to nowhere land
Actions, which made me what I’m today
Wrongs, all of’em
Drought, of righteousness I’ve felt inside me
Alone, have been I’m without your guidance
Stray, my thoughts have been without your presence in my heart

for all, God! I’m sorry…

Needs, that beam me towards the darkness
stubborn, I was, as I was unaware of my conscience
decision, that I took blindly
payoffs, that I end up getting
gains, were momentarily
losses, were endless and still follow me like my shadow

for all, God ! I’m sorry…

burden, that I’ve been onto myself,
dearly, things costs me
nearly, down the road you were
blind, I was that I ignored your existence
in guiding me, all i need is your assistance
enough I’ve shown my resistance,
a lot to cover is the distance,
All i demand is your assistance,
For all the nuisance,

God ! I’m sorry…

Under your direction…
sweet, I want to feel the sour
less, I want to feel as more
in the middle of the sea, I wanna feel it as shore
never wanna be confuse anymore,
always wanna be sure,
please be my guide,
I don’t wanna wander anymore
It’s your world, lead me to the right
inside me, want to let go the fight

for all, God ! please hurry…

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