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Promise: it comes with an expiry date!

“Promise me! that you’ll never leave me, Amar”, She asked it, from her husband, with wistful eyes.
“Never…”, he said softly, with a smile, clutching her hand more tightly.
“With whom you’re talking to, Harshali ?”, her father intervened by putting his hand on her shoulder from behind. He was wearing white kurta-pajama & eye were moist.
“No one, father”. She said it with a sigh & tear in the eye. As if, everything matters to her but this very world.
She can’t feel the warmth in her palm now, which was present there a moment ago.
They both slowly walked towards the house in which Amar was lying. Lifeless!
Covered in many layers of clothes. And everyone is mourning around his body.

Alas! Life.


Curiosity: this time it didn’t kill the crow!

A little girl goes to the study room, where her father was reading a book.
She asked,” father, why do you read so much? “, holding onto a little teddy bear in her hands. She probably won’t let go of it even in her sleep.
“So that, I can answer all your questions, Princess.” He said, diligently removing his spects.
“All of’em? “, she asked. Curiosity sparkled on all of her face.
After a lot of thinking, & paying a harder look to all the books in his shelf, “…hmm! for that, I still have lot to read my dear…” he answered, caressing her hair.
Her surreal innocence succumbed the confidence of her father gained by reading all those books!

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