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God, I’m sorry !

Sins, what I’ve done
Thoughts, that didn’t meant good,
Urges, that lead to me to nowhere land
Actions, which made me what I’m today
Wrongs, all of’em
Drought, of righteousness I’ve felt inside me
Alone, have been I’m without your guidance
Stray, my thoughts have been without your presence in my heart

for all, God! I’m sorry…

Needs, that beam me towards the darkness
stubborn, I was, as I was unaware of my conscience
decision, that I took blindly
payoffs, that I end up getting
gains, were momentarily
losses, were endless and still follow me like my shadow

for all, God ! I’m sorry…

burden, that I’ve been onto myself,
dearly, things costs me
nearly, down the road you were
blind, I was that I ignored your existence
in guiding me, all i need is your assistance
enough I’ve shown my resistance,
a lot to cover is the distance,
All i demand is your assistance,
For all the nuisance,

God ! I’m sorry…

Under your direction…
sweet, I want to feel the sour
less, I want to feel as more
in the middle of the sea, I wanna feel it as shore
never wanna be confuse anymore,
always wanna be sure,
please be my guide,
I don’t wanna wander anymore
It’s your world, lead me to the right
inside me, want to let go the fight

for all, God ! please hurry…


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