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Promise: it comes with an expiry date!

“Promise me! that you’ll never leave me, Amar”, She asked it, from her husband, with wistful eyes.
“Never…”, he said softly, with a smile, clutching her hand more tightly.
“With whom you’re talking to, Harshali ?”, her father intervened by putting his hand on her shoulder from behind. He was wearing white kurta-pajama & eye were moist.
“No one, father”. She said it with a sigh & tear in the eye. As if, everything matters to her but this very world.
She can’t feel the warmth in her palm now, which was present there a moment ago.
They both slowly walked towards the house in which Amar was lying. Lifeless!
Covered in many layers of clothes. And everyone is mourning around his body.

Alas! Life.


Curiosity: this time it didn’t kill the crow!

A little girl goes to the study room, where her father was reading a book.
She asked,” father, why do you read so much? “, holding onto a little teddy bear in her hands. She probably won’t let go of it even in her sleep.
“So that, I can answer all your questions, Princess.” He said, diligently removing his spects.
“All of’em? “, she asked. Curiosity sparkled on all of her face.
After a lot of thinking, & paying a harder look to all the books in his shelf, “…hmm! for that, I still have lot to read my dear…” he answered, caressing her hair.
Her surreal innocence succumbed the confidence of her father gained by reading all those books!

A Geek’s Dream: Chapter_5 ;)

“————–Chapter 5: My (Neverending) Whacky Ideas ————-“

A Note :- Every character written in the story are purely fictitious. It has no resemblance or connection with any living or dead person.



After I drove Naina to her home. Everything was converging to one simple question, ‘What was that call all about? ‘. I wasn’t able to sleep over-thinking about it.

So, I took out the laptop to finish a ppt. I had to meet my boss, Mr. Kumar, the next morning.

—————– The next morning. . .

‘Good morning Sir. How are you? ‘, I asked him while shaking his hand. He never arrives late.

‘Morning Ayan’. Mr. Kumar wished me back. ‘How’s life treating you?’.

‘Fine. I guess, Sir’. We entered into his cabin.

‘Sir, this new phone is going to have a service called eye-click. This feature can be activated by “wink-ing” toward its front camera.’ I showed him the presentation from my laptop while discussing the feature, that we may launch into the forthcoming mobile-devices.

‘I never doubted you Ayan, but do you actually think, that people will wink against a screen?’. It sums up his question.

‘don’t doubt it, Sir. it’ll be going to leave its mark in the technology’,’it is going to be a killer service.’

‘& what makes you think like that?’.

‘its easiness to open any app just with a wink, that’s going to make this feature popular’, ‘we want everything to be done by itself. e.g. We can use left and right wink for flipping through an e-magazine back and forth. We can use this feature to convert the camera option from video mode to picture-clicking mode. & whole lot more, during the course we find the valid application of this feature’, I actually told that to Mr. Kumar in single stretch of breath.

‘hold-on boy, relax. Slowly. You seems to be bit excited by this feature. I can observe. But what’s the delivery time of this extension?’, Mr. Kumar asked intriguingly.

‘it’ll take two man month.’, I said that while making a peace sign from my right hand.

We discussed for another 10 min & I left towards my cabin.

Still, I couldn’t get away from the thought of that suspicious call Naina didn’t pick. Wandering between work and parallel random equations I entered into my cabin.

‘Sir, you’ve three meetings aligned today’, Ayesha informed me about the schedule.

‘Noted Juneja ji’,’is Naman in the office?’, I asked while removing and mounting my jacket on chair.

‘He’s in a meeting right now’. She told me pointing towards the meeting room with the half-chewed other end of the pencil. Yes, she does it too !

‘Ok. Thanks’. I pull out the drawer to get the strapler to stapple some docs.

———— in the lunch with NAMAN

‘How was the meeting with Mr. Kumar ? ‘, he jokingly winked while asking. I talked out this wink-idea with him before going and explaining to our boss.

‘I know. Stop pulling the leg. He accepted to see it and given me 1 month to do it. After that he shall see, whether we can put this as a core service in the device or not’. I told him while taking the sip of freshly brewed coffee.

‘that’s great. At least you convinced him to see the demo’.


‘Ok then, all the best for this idea. I’ve quite busy schedule today. Catch you later’. He stood up and left, collecting his blazer from the chair.

‘Yeah sure. Me too. Bye’.

FACT NOTE: I, with 3 other friend-cum-colleagues, was successfully able to demo the ‘Wink-idea’ in the organization on 11:55 a.m. of 31st January,2014 . 😉 😉

A Geek’s Dream: Chapter_4 ;)

“————–Chapter 4: Cricket Blood Cell: Present In Every Indian ————-“

A Note :- Every character written in the story are purely fictitious. It has no resemblance or connection with any living or dead person.



January 6, 2013.
Arch-rival India VS Pakistan Cricket Series. At that moment, India had already lost the 3-match series to Pakistan by 2-0. It was a Sunday. The game was being played at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi. India was all-out for 167 in meager 43.4 overs playing first and set a target of 168 for Pakistan.


My phone beeped. It was Naman.
He texted me and wanted me to meet him at his home. He told me to pick Sneha on the way to his home. As I had to pick her up, so I, myself drove to her home, instead of my driver, Khushal. She lives in a building near Bhikaji Gama palace.

I picked up Sneha at around 5:00 p.m. & we drove straight to Naman’s residence.

I parked my car near the entry gate.

We saw Naina was already present there.

Naina told us that Naman was trying his hands in some serious cooking! with an apron, and his Magic-Apparatus-Chef-Hat.

“Okay. So, that’s the event. Our Boss is trying his hands in cooking”, I said as we both were awed.

So, we were all at Naman’s home. Me, Naina and Sneha were about to start watching final match of that series on TV. Naman was not into it much.

As we entered, one maid offered us juice.

“What’s say Naina, does India stands any chance to win this game”,I asked Naina as India played way too below avg on that day.

“In your dreams”, Sneha said.

“Hey ! come on. Don’t say that. Game hasn’t been played yet completely”, my Cricket blood cells were clearly visible as I replied back.

I was kind of running only on CBC at that moment.At such crucial moments my RBC n WBC turns into CBC. Nothing else was needed!

“Well, you can say that! but, I still think that India is going to lose”. Sneha passed a statement imprudently, after taking the absolute taste of juice on her taste buds and confirming that it was of pineapple.

I was displeased.

“You never know! It’s Cricket. & a game of uncertainty” I let it out calmly, though I felt offensive. Anyone would’ve felt the same. And it stands out as a valid feeling, if you are an Indian.

“No, come on Ayan ! How come India is going to win it. We need to defend 167.”

“See, that’s what I’m saying. We need to have some hope. The word defend is positive.” I winked at her.

“Kumar to Younis Khan, OUT, the middle stump has been flattened! Not a big inswinger, but enough on that to take the inside edge as Younis comes forward to play a loose drive towards cover. And just like that, Pakistan are two down”

End of over 7 (wicket maiden) Pakistan 14/2

“Yes!” I yelled in beatitude. ” that’s what I’m talking about. Come on Bhuvnesh!” I made faces saying that to her.

“See, these boys are the future of Indian Cricket. Fit ! Agile! Passionate! You look upon them and can tell that they are here to leave a mark on this very ground.” I said this as if I was a YODA of Star Wars movie.

Sneha went to the pool side to relax. I didn’t mind getting excited about the game.
“Here you go, guys” Naman came out of the Kitchen after 1 hr of rigorous efforts confined within a plate.

It was kind of chocolate coated stuff.

“What is this?” I asked suspiciously.

“These are Brownie ice cream sandwiches, buddy” he said as he was putting down the desserts on the table meticulously. “Naina helped me in picking the recipe.” he added.

“& I guess, u made it to the perfection bro”, I said as it was looking delicious.


Naina also joined Sneha at the pool side.

“So, when you’re going to marry Naina ?” I intrigued him while helping him setting table for his hand made ICS (not Android one 😉 )

“I guess next year would be fine. I want to make it perfect as I’m about to take next step of this relation. So, No hurries !” He said it wiping his fingers from his apron, with a smile of satisfaction.

“Perfect!”, he said and left for the kitchen to pick some remaining grocery.


Although Naman was busy in placing the butter knife and spoon at the dining table for four of us, he came up with an impromptu query.

“By the way, what you’re up to with Sneha? I can see something is cooking.” he said while placing the napkins on the table.

“Dude, all I can see perfectly cooked here right now is your ICS” I try to save myself from canon of his questions.

“Shall I call upon the ladies to dine over?”, I asked him to shift the focus as his 1 hr effort were on the line.

Few go unscathed from his questionnaire.

“All right ladies, come back” I waived at them through the glass by rotating the like button of FB by 90 degree.


Girls entered the room.

Naman pull-out the chair for Naina.

“Come on. Sit! Let’s dine.”Naina invited us all. She must be feeling hungry or might be very excited to test the cooking-ability of his fiancee.

As we all three had already taken the seat, Naman was last to join us.

Meanwhile Nasir Jamshed and Misbah-ul-Haq were struggling to score some runs on the board for their side.

And a sweet sound came out of sound bar.

“How’s that?”,all the players shouted in chorus & floated into the air for some time & given out lbw too by Umpire. Third wicket fell as Nair Jamshed.

“Ashwin to Nasir Jamshed, OUT, picks up the wrong shot. It was a flighted delivery on the off and middle, Jamshed chooses to play a premeditated sweep and is struck on the front pad. Ashwin lets out a cry of excitement immediately and the decision is given. That is a huge wicket considering how Jamshed has played this series”


Suddenly Sneha got a message on her cell phone. She looked for a moment or so. I guess it was some kind of snooze.

Meanwhile, the conditions were turning up against Pakistan on the ground. Score was 113/3 till the burp of the phone & suddenly, another magical sound just came out of the TV.

We saw another fall of wicket of Misbah-ul-Haq. He’s one fine cricketer that Pakistan have in their team. But then, he was not more than one lost ray of hope for his team.

“Ashwin to Misbah-ul-Haq, OUT, and that leg slip finally comes into the picture. Ashwin has been bowling from round the wicket all day. This one pitches on the leg stump and Misbah glides it straight into the hands of Rahane at that position. Some joy for the India team finally”

Pakistan needed only 55 runs to win that game. I was on my nerve, literally. Though India stands no chance of winning that series, but I still want them to step out of that ground with honour.

As Misbah was walking towards the stands, Naina said, ”have you ever noticed guys, that Misbah has some sort of connection of getting out in such situations against India.”

India’s intermittent performance was increasing the interest in the game. We end up finishing ICS, a palatable cuisine. We all appreciated Naman for his gallant effort for making such sweet dish that we had.

In between, girls did the plates & we all four were back again in front of the TV. The game was heating up and turning into another classic match between India and Pakistan!

Then, In 10-15 minutes span of time, Pakistan lost another two important wickets of Shoaib Malik and Umar Akmal. Till then, the game had been squeezed down to the final death overs.
Pakistan needed only 43 runs from 60 balls with 4 wickets in hand.

Another 30 minutes past. Pakistan needed only 24 runs from 24 balls with 4 wickets still in hand.

Naina was kind of superstitious in such situation. She love Cricket too. Yes ! she does !

Naman held her hand and said,” Dear it’s just a game, why are you sweating so much?”

Me and Naina both said at once, “ Shut up, Naman ! “. She said it facing Naman and I was looking at the TV.

That was crazy. Naman smiled.

I started juggling with three artificial oranges.

Jadeja bowled final delivery of his 10th over. By God, Jadeja was beauty that day. He did exactly what was needed. & Shami Ahmed, the debutant, gave out of his skin performance by bowl.

Jadeja & Shami Ahmed’s Bowling stats were :
RA Jadeja 10-2-19-1
Shami Ahmed 8-3-23-0

“Hey Sneha, what do u say?”, Naina asked her with tension in her voice & same expression was on her face. She was continuously tipping her right feet over floor.

“Now, I think , that India is going to win”, glad she said so. Otherwise, I would have killed her with those three fake oranges.

After another two overs from Shami and Ishan, their bowling stats were :
I Sharma 9-0-24-2
Shami Ahmed 9-4-23-1

and Pakistan were :

End of over 48 (wicket maiden) Pakistan 145/9 (23 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 3.02, RRR: 11.50)

I stopped juggling. Enough of juggling ! Tight situation aroused on the field then.

Till then, Naina gained little confidence that then India was not going to lose. & parallelly then, Pakistan begun to feel like a sheep in the jaw of tiger. And slowly, the tiger is using all his power to break his neck.
“What’s say Sneha, U wanna Bet, India is going to win”, I throw this question at her.

“Obviously India is going to win”,She said. Wow, she’s turning in India’s favor exactly like the Indian pulled this match off from Pakistan.

They were on the verge to win the fourth lowest win of all time for India.


49th over. Ishan is bowling to Hafeez.

Hafeez scored 12 runs out of first 5 balls of Ishant’s over.

One-by-one all feelings were being shattered by Hafeez.

& suddenly!

“Sharma to Mohammad Hafeez, OUT, caught at midwicket! Hafeez has hit this length ball straight to Yuvraj at midwicket. It wasn’t a free-hit as the last ball was no-ball for height. But Pakistan have imploded big time here. Yuvraj runs around the outfield, slides on the field, he gets surrounded by his teammates.”

Mohammad Hafeez c Yuvraj Singh b Sharma 21 (62m 31b 2×4 0x6) SR: 67.74

& Ishant did it !Hafeez was gone! India won the match.

Pakistan Piled up for 157/10.

“Now, that’s what I call a game.”, I yelled facing upwards. We all four hugged each other.

Commentator Raghuram said:”This is more of what we all want to see from Team India. I am not talking about the Win here, but the FIGHT taken to the opponents.Hope this continues for the days to come.. Good for India and Cricket…”

We all said Good night to each other. That day was tiring, mentally. and it was Monday, the following day! So everyone needs to be present at the office on the next day. & our Boss,Mr. T.A.P. , hate the late comers!


I stopped my car in the basement of Sneha’s building. I went with her to make sure her safety.

She pushed digit ‘7’ in the elevator, & it starts whirring.

“Since how long do you live here?”, I asked, cutting the silence.

“Around 15 years. My Dad got transferred here in Delhi in last 10 years of his service, So we never went anywhere else.”, She replied. She, too, was tapping her toe on the floor, like Naina. She seems to be in a hurry.

Elevator stopped.

“Thanks”, she said. she was still tipping her toe on to the floor.

“It’s fine”, I replied.” please go.” I said, noticing her.

We shook hands and exchanged a smile.”Meet you in office tomorrow, then”, I said.

“yeah. sure!”.

Then she walked towards her apartment. & me back to the basement.

On my way to home, I started listening to radio. Every Channel that I tuned in that day, was busy in praising the performance of both the teams. Pakistan was getting applauded for their convincing series-win. & India, was able to save their pride, at last.



Vikas “Smrit” Singh.




Likhne baitha hu kuch yu hi ,

Chahta to kuch nagme likhta,

Likhne ko duniya me baithe h hazaro lekin,

Tujhe meri tarah se bayan kar payega nahi koi,

Isliye sochkar ye, tujhe main nafasat se tarashane baitha….


Kuch is qadar tera aks basa h in nigaho me,

K ab kuch or h hi nahi tere siwa in sanso me,

Peene ko to mayekhane khule h bahut Lekin

peene k liye tere nigaho k paimaane lekar baitha….

, tujhe main nafasat se tarashane baitha….


Zarurat se jyada hosh or behoshi k maine sile dekhe,

Hosh me tha to tujhe or behoshi me tha, to sirf or sirf tujhe hi dekha…

Yu to aksar hum bat-late the dujo k kisse-kahaniyo ko,

Lekin aaj apne hi quisse ko hazaro baar dohraate dekha….

, tujhe main nafasat se tarashane baitha….


Zameen pe khade hokar, chuaa tha asmaan us din,

Jis din tujhe maine apni baaho me achaanak simat te dekha…

Tujhse baate karni ki lat lagi aisi,

Apne quisso ko yu hi khud se maine bad-badaate dekha…

Tere saath baith kar muskuraane ki adaat ne mujhe,

Logo k beech bewajah hanste-hansaaate  dekha…

or aaj fir main, tujhe nafasat se tarashane baitha…

Tareef ;)


kaise bataau tujhe
ki tu kitni haseen h,

kaise samjhau is zamaane ko,
ki tu meri naaz-neen h.
rakhta hu jise apne lakht-e-zigar me,
aisi meri himmat tu, mehajabeen h..

kaise batau tujhe k tu…

us khuda ki mujh par
inayat si lagti h mujhe,
hifaazat karti h jo meri,
tu wo kuraan ki yaaseen h

kaise beyan karu k tu….

jise kisse-kahaniyo me tabdeel kar,
sunata hu main har roz,
kabhi khatam na hone wali,
tu meri ek aisi soch Zaheen h

kaise batau tujhe k tu…

jab ye shaame gaati h,
or suraj apne ghar jaata h,
chaand k aane k waqt, jo sama ban jaata h,
tu aisi shaam rangeen h….

kaise batau tujhe ki tu……

Ghalib, kabeer k lafzo me jo aj talak na beyan ho paye,
aisi rounak h tu
Musaa k ghumaan se jyada, jo mujhme ghumaan bhar jaaye
aisi meri ibaadat h tu

teri surat se nahi, mujhe teri seerat se pyaar h
is zarre-2 ki abo-hawa, ab tujhi se gulzaar h…

is kayenaat k pare jo duniya h,
likha h tera-mera milna wohi ik roz,
Aisa mera, meri lakeero pe,
andhaa yakeen h…

dil nosh farma denge kisi din
is jaha k saamne ye saabit karne k liye

K Tu bus…… bus behatareen h…..

🙂 🙂
Ab isse aage rhythm ni banega,
or upar jitna likha,
usse logo ko lag raha,
mera mamla Sangeen h…

AB TO jab tu mil jayegi tab tujhe personally samjhaunga k ,

or ha..

mar raha hu har pal
ye baat johte-2,
k tu bhi aayegi kisi din or dil khol k batayegi,
k tujhe main kaisa lagta hu…. // or beyan karegi kuch lafzz mere baare me

……………….. bus teri taraf se aaj talak, ye mamla Gamgeen h…

otherwise, tu bahut hi haseen h re 🙂 🙂 ROFL.

(( i enjoyed writing this last paragraph very much ))


“I performed it as a task, a poem that must do *Tareef* of something, someone ”
“It’s written in good Humor and just to have fun, No hard-feelings, what so ever “

Thank you 🙂 🙂

A Geek’s Dream: Chapter_3 ;)

A Note :- Every character written in the story are purely fictitious. It has no resemblance or connection with any living or dead person.

HINDI SANSKARAN: sab k sab Characters FARZIII h.


“————–Chapter 3: Music From Rupture Sounds————-“


Life looks like a puzzle, if you try to solve it, or a painting, if you try to sketch its every moment on the canvas of time.

Running through old pics of the school time, I stand & stare on a pic for some time. In the pic, a girl is taking the souvenior from the junior girl on farewell of our batch.

She was my first crush, Stuti Jha.

I don’t know Love or some kind of thing, exist at that time or not, but yeah, I don’t have any account of those 3 days , after I first saw her in 8th standard?

She was a new admission. It was her first day in the school.She was seeking permission to enter in class, of our English-cum-class teacher, Mrs. Komal Verma.

She entered in the class with a bag, which we usually carry in schools, white shirt, with an alternate brown-white pattern school tie, grey-colored long skirt, ending just before her grey socks started appearing, and Liberty girls shoes.

“Nerve-soothing”. I sighed with a pleasent smile on my face.

Keeping aside the Album, I started thinking about Sneha.

She is nothing like my first crush, but girls do enjoy the boy’s highest civilian respect when it comes to playing with our mind.

Naman and I planned to go to HAZE BLUES, Vasant Vihar, in the weekend. It’s a heaven for unwinding with friends & music.

We retired for the Bar at around 7:30 p.m.

“Why we’re heading in oposite direction?”, I inquired, ogling into the dashboard for cigarettes.

“We gotta pick your Lady in Red-Saree and my cute vampire, Naina ”, he giggled.

Naina Shroff, his special-one. They are in a relationship over 4 years as of now. She lives in R.K Puram Sec-13.

“Oh, ho”, “then, today is the doomsday, fella !”, Ronan Keating’s when you say nothing at all was perfect to match to the situation.

We picked both of’em and reach around 9:30 p.m. at the Bar. And I didn’t talk much with Sneha in the Car because I was busy in staring at her lickable-legs. They were comparable with Sharapova. 😉


“ Planter’s Punch ”, Naina whishpered in Naman’s ear.

Even if anyone bellow in agony, it would be whispering in there. Sound System rocks.

“Planter’s Punch for four”, he ordered to the bartender by confirming it with Sneha.

“How did you like the ambience of the office?”, I initiated the conversation, as Naman and her would-be better half were off to the dance-floor.

“It’s nice”, Sipping-up the mystry liquid.

No one would go against their money making platform. Inside politics are yet to be unfold, which is indistingiushable part of everywhere now.

“Ok, I guess.”, she added, lowering her glass a bit from her lips.

“and how did u like the Boss?”.

“He’s cool guy.”, “doesn’t like lazy people much, I think”.

“yes, Indeed”, I gulped down the punch.

Thinking about such cozy environment I was in, shaking-legs were the only option.

“you mind, If i ask you to dance with me”, Ingratiating her I asked.

“Uhmm… No, why would I ?”, she hesitated once, but were on the dance floor with me.

We danced a while, & then went to the bartender for the same punch.

My cuddle hormone starts secreting. Oxytocin, Testosterone… whatever !

“Argh…! the song is too loud.” Applying breakes to my mind I jumped into the conversation.

“uh..hum”, she nodded.

“Let’s get out for some calm, confined space.”, I try to tell her, by hand movements.

School time enjoyment taught you all these “dumb charades” techniques.

Though we came here for the fun, but now, my gravity of fun is stalling around her.

We sit on the staircase outside the Bar & start talking.

We talked around half an hour on general topics and office environment. It’s already 11:45 p.m. by the clock.

She was quite gelled up with Ayesha, my secretary.

Naman and her Señorita came out of the club laughing. She was cuddling his nose.

“So guys, formal intro over ?”, He enjoyed the scene too.

“Yes boss.”.“ We are good to go”, I can sense typical Naman’s verbal next move, so I told him to burn the ignition of the ride.

He went away to parking.

“How are you holding on this guy, this much long?”, shrugging my shoulder, I asked Naina.

“Even I don’t know.”, with a wink she replied. We share some laugh over it.

“& here he’s.”, Sneha said.

On the way to home, thoughts were busting and cracking in my head. Though I met her first time and talked with her, she seems to be another simple, yet functional, girl.

& I want to hold any further decision on to myself. “ You reserve the right to silent. Anything that you speak or do, can be used against yourself.”, these lines are heard most, in any Firangi picture.

Next day was Monday. Again the quest for office.

Life gives us the reason to enjoy every moment of it, yet sometime, We curse it !

“Some moments I want to relive, Some aren’t.” life stalls in these two X and Y dimension of mind.

Vikas “Smrit” Singh.



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