Vikas Singh

sharing words with this world :)

Promise: it comes with an expiry date!

“Promise me! that you’ll never leave me, Amar”, She asked it, from her husband, with wistful eyes.
“Never…”, he said softly, with a smile, clutching her hand more tightly.
“With whom you’re talking to, Harshali ?”, her father intervened by putting his hand on her shoulder from behind. He was wearing white kurta-pajama & eye were moist.
“No one, father”. She said it with a sigh & tear in the eye. As if, everything matters to her but this very world.
She can’t feel the warmth in her palm now, which was present there a moment ago.
They both slowly walked towards the house in which Amar was lying. Lifeless!
Covered in many layers of clothes. And everyone is mourning around his body.

Alas! Life.


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