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A Geek’s Dream: Chapter_3 ;)

A Note :- Every character written in the story are purely fictitious. It has no resemblance or connection with any living or dead person.

HINDI SANSKARAN: sab k sab Characters FARZIII h.


“————–Chapter 3: Music From Rupture Sounds————-“


Life looks like a puzzle, if you try to solve it, or a painting, if you try to sketch its every moment on the canvas of time.

Running through old pics of the school time, I stand & stare on a pic for some time. In the pic, a girl is taking the souvenior from the junior girl on farewell of our batch.

She was my first crush, Stuti Jha.

I don’t know Love or some kind of thing, exist at that time or not, but yeah, I don’t have any account of those 3 days , after I first saw her in 8th standard?

She was a new admission. It was her first day in the school.She was seeking permission to enter in class, of our English-cum-class teacher, Mrs. Komal Verma.

She entered in the class with a bag, which we usually carry in schools, white shirt, with an alternate brown-white pattern school tie, grey-colored long skirt, ending just before her grey socks started appearing, and Liberty girls shoes.

“Nerve-soothing”. I sighed with a pleasent smile on my face.

Keeping aside the Album, I started thinking about Sneha.

She is nothing like my first crush, but girls do enjoy the boy’s highest civilian respect when it comes to playing with our mind.

Naman and I planned to go to HAZE BLUES, Vasant Vihar, in the weekend. It’s a heaven for unwinding with friends & music.

We retired for the Bar at around 7:30 p.m.

“Why we’re heading in oposite direction?”, I inquired, ogling into the dashboard for cigarettes.

“We gotta pick your Lady in Red-Saree and my cute vampire, Naina ”, he giggled.

Naina Shroff, his special-one. They are in a relationship over 4 years as of now. She lives in R.K Puram Sec-13.

“Oh, ho”, “then, today is the doomsday, fella !”, Ronan Keating’s when you say nothing at all was perfect to match to the situation.

We picked both of’em and reach around 9:30 p.m. at the Bar. And I didn’t talk much with Sneha in the Car because I was busy in staring at her lickable-legs. They were comparable with Sharapova. 😉


“ Planter’s Punch ”, Naina whishpered in Naman’s ear.

Even if anyone bellow in agony, it would be whispering in there. Sound System rocks.

“Planter’s Punch for four”, he ordered to the bartender by confirming it with Sneha.

“How did you like the ambience of the office?”, I initiated the conversation, as Naman and her would-be better half were off to the dance-floor.

“It’s nice”, Sipping-up the mystry liquid.

No one would go against their money making platform. Inside politics are yet to be unfold, which is indistingiushable part of everywhere now.

“Ok, I guess.”, she added, lowering her glass a bit from her lips.

“and how did u like the Boss?”.

“He’s cool guy.”, “doesn’t like lazy people much, I think”.

“yes, Indeed”, I gulped down the punch.

Thinking about such cozy environment I was in, shaking-legs were the only option.

“you mind, If i ask you to dance with me”, Ingratiating her I asked.

“Uhmm… No, why would I ?”, she hesitated once, but were on the dance floor with me.

We danced a while, & then went to the bartender for the same punch.

My cuddle hormone starts secreting. Oxytocin, Testosterone… whatever !

“Argh…! the song is too loud.” Applying breakes to my mind I jumped into the conversation.

“uh..hum”, she nodded.

“Let’s get out for some calm, confined space.”, I try to tell her, by hand movements.

School time enjoyment taught you all these “dumb charades” techniques.

Though we came here for the fun, but now, my gravity of fun is stalling around her.

We sit on the staircase outside the Bar & start talking.

We talked around half an hour on general topics and office environment. It’s already 11:45 p.m. by the clock.

She was quite gelled up with Ayesha, my secretary.

Naman and her Señorita came out of the club laughing. She was cuddling his nose.

“So guys, formal intro over ?”, He enjoyed the scene too.

“Yes boss.”.“ We are good to go”, I can sense typical Naman’s verbal next move, so I told him to burn the ignition of the ride.

He went away to parking.

“How are you holding on this guy, this much long?”, shrugging my shoulder, I asked Naina.

“Even I don’t know.”, with a wink she replied. We share some laugh over it.

“& here he’s.”, Sneha said.

On the way to home, thoughts were busting and cracking in my head. Though I met her first time and talked with her, she seems to be another simple, yet functional, girl.

& I want to hold any further decision on to myself. “ You reserve the right to silent. Anything that you speak or do, can be used against yourself.”, these lines are heard most, in any Firangi picture.

Next day was Monday. Again the quest for office.

Life gives us the reason to enjoy every moment of it, yet sometime, We curse it !

“Some moments I want to relive, Some aren’t.” life stalls in these two X and Y dimension of mind.

Vikas “Smrit” Singh.




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2 thoughts on “A Geek’s Dream: Chapter_3 ;)

  1. speechless……….
    bt i think evry1 read atleast one tym 🙂
    keep it up……..
    i lyk it soooo much dude

  2. You are getting smarter boss

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