Vikas Singh

sharing words with this world :)

Distrust ;)


I ain’t no angel,
I ain’t believe in Magic,
I loved you from my core,
It wasn’t any frolic.

You were harsh to say, “Yes!”,
You were rigid to say, “I Do”
You were really an impostor
How the hell I Believed you.

Trying to figure-out
the sanity of my dreams,
you were a coward that
I couldn’t see.

Shrewd, Glistering, that you posed,
Baffled, naive, you actually were.
Heart cursing me, Now,
Why I let you come my near!

Yelling in silence,
giving scars to face,
these were the Gift,
to get perfectly embraced…

                                                                                              “———————Vikas Singh———————”




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