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A Silent Consent :)

30 June,2k11. Thursday. 1:40 p.m.

                  To: her:the love interest.
                             from: a promising heart

                  “——————-A SILENT CONSENT—————-”

Is it affection
                    or an affliction?
whatever It is
                    today,it draws my attention.
Will be blessed by Love
                    never thought of that.
Now, It’s a promise,
                    I’m gonna hold on to that.————–(1).


Gonna sit on Sun-set,
                     never wanna departed.
having hand-in-hand,I promise
                    I’m gonna be soft-hearted.
Let silence do the talking,
                    try to listen what it tell.
Let domino of our hearts,
                    try to find places, Well.——(2).

Now, you can see,
                    ocean of Love in my eyes.
firmly, put hands around,
                    with you, my Heart won’t lie.
and let Heart do the talking,
                    B’coz lips may really lie.
Our souls seems to be,
                    Now,each-other’s ally.———–(3).

When you’re in my arms,
                    you don’t need to fear.
My smiles get wider,
                    when you’re near.
My heart runs faster,
                    whenever It feels you,
my eyes gets brightened,
                    whenever It sees you.
I try to surprise,
                    to always amaze you.
I’ll die trying hard,
                    to perfectly embrace you.———(4).


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7 thoughts on “A Silent Consent :)

  1. boss, main ek change bolunga: aap client side v load daalo, everything on server is not good,

  2. Ankit bhardwaj on said:

    simply awesome…
    when ur heart tells u the words.. they becomes treat for the listeners..
    good job buddy

  3. Sunil on said:

    Hope u will publish a book too, u gonna be a writer dude!!!

    • uhmm..Lets see, how long this addiction takes me 🙂 Never thought of doing something like this and i’ll enjoy it too, that’s really something unplanned 🙂 🙂

  4. Vaibhav Gupta on said:

    Man shouldnt say “I Love You” if he isnt willing to prove it. Words mean nothing to a woman, she prefers action.. n dats wat i found in ur poem lovely!!

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