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28 July,2k8. Monday. 7:20 p.m.

To : ❤

From : <3…..

"—————–THE LOVE I FEEL FOR YOU :)—————–"

Winds may stop blowing,
                    sky may be black from blue,
Sun might not rise,
                    hopes of light may be few.
Somehow,One SEED today
                    starts to grow,
that’s the “LOVE..!!”
                    I feel for you.————————–(1).

I think of You,
                    in the day and night.
I talk to You,
                    in the AZURE sky.
I manage to make
                    your face in the cloud,
All these things
                    keeps eventually sprout.
How could I even miss
                    a single heart-throb of you?
Now, I don’t know how to phrase,
                    the LOVE, that I feel for you.———(2).

Say it once,
                    before I die.
Just say it once,
                    before my soul starts to cry.
Throw the dice,
                    without thinking twice,
Plz, say it once,
                    for the sake of CHRIST..!!
Admit it,
                    before my heart aches,
Or, my heart
                    will be a Mosaic.
everything that I feel for you,
                    from the core of my heart It’s True.
& one things that’s remaining,
                    The LOVE, that i feel for you.——–(3).

May be, we’ll
                    commit mistakes.
Some promises
                    might be fake.
May be, we won’t have
                    time to spare,
& obviously,
                    It won’t be fair.
These’re the things,
                    that may shake the bond.
But, they’ll be proved SWEET,                                (“they” means activities that hurt you in past)
                    as it grows OLD.
But Baby…! the time we’ll
                    together share,
that’ll help US,
                    to remain NEAR.
We won’t let these things,
                    step in b/w ME & YOU.
Coz, Now,


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25 thoughts on “THE LOVE I FEEL FOR YOU :)

  1. VINNY KAPOOR on said:

    dis is for u..

    seems to be written for sum1 very special…..:)
    god bless to both of u….:)

    dis is for ur poem….

    really toching nd awsum…;)

  2. parul gupta on said:

    well its written by heart so it reaches to d heart of heartful people….feelings in d form of poetry…. i like d way u write it..weldon..keep it up…

  3. Neha Charming on said:

    Fantabulous…..NO words to explain…

  4. vaani on said:

    nice………awesome piece of work……

  5. simply owsme…luvd it.. 🙂

  6. Sunil on said:

    Hats off yaar, kuch purani baatien yaad dila di. I think everyone who is in love or loved someone have gone through the same feelings 🙂

    I think this song will surely take u back vikas bro

  7. Anuradha on said:

    Really awsum…… is it only your thoughts…??? 🙂

  8. sachin goel on said:

    bhai its awsome bt i can’t explain my feeling abt this poem in words as i don’t have….sorry yaar
    but its fantastinc

  9. Awsome dost i m sorry bt can’t express my feelingsig words like you my freind!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fantastic fantabulas

  10. Sreeshilpa S on said:

    Lots of love in every word 😀
    Great way of writing :)))

  11. Ankit bhardwaj on said:

    masst, awesome, hindi me keh du tto saaaaalllllaaaaa faaaaaaaaaaaaad

  12. mere paas words nahi hai boss,

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