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9 Sep, 2k8. Wednesday 11:40 am.

From :- a book worm

to:- an introvert.

“—————–MY FIRST REACTION  :O (o_O) —————”

Her pinkish nails
                          her glowy face,
her ivory skin,
                   are perfection’s trace.
Reddish fingers
                         of ultra thin shape,
voice was like
                         as water of grape.
Waiving of her hands,
                         her hair tightening band,
all were like
                         free-flow of river.
What to say
                         in such love-fever?
She contains the
                   nature absolute,
she had all
                  the gamut of flute.
Her decent looks,
                           way of carrying books,
triggers the joy,
                          in my veins.
Yes..!!she’s the girl
                           of my DREAMS… ————————(1).
A breeze starts blowing,
                                      as she enters the class,
swinging eyes away from her,
                                       was like shattering of glass.
As she sits with me,
                                       with a decent posture,
It’s as cool as,
                                       silent 3rd degree torture.
That very moment,
                                      don’ know from where to start.
& obviously..!
                                     i  can’t act over smart.
                               with fumbled hands.
I thank to god,
                              making her my friend.—————-(2)
As i was not trying
                               to be a flirt,
these’re the things,
                               in which no one’s expert.
She was the
                              epitome of femininity
& i’d shown
                      my ultimate stupidity.
As this is for the girl,
                                       i don’t know for so long
I’d expressed my feelings,
                      in the phrase form.———————-(3)
A small part of heart..!!
                                      that is all it takes,
whatever I’d felt
                                      just can’t be fake.
These are the things,
                                     which i feel for you,
every single letter,
                                     written above is true.



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16 thoughts on “MY FIRST REACTION :O (o_O)

  1. vipul on said:

    kya baat hai londe….. tune toh gaddar macha diya….!!!!

  2. kya baat hai sirjee ek dum mast likhe ho 🙂

  3. hmmmm ur blog seems to be the see of love..
    salute to every word
    bt now pkup urself frm that kind of depth
    makeurself calm cool and cmpatible for smone who really deserves you

  4. vipul on said:

    kahan chupa rakha tha tune ye talent…..????

    good work buddy…. 🙂

  5. Sreeshilpa S on said:

    She should be really lucky…
    So beautifully articulated 😀

  6. kya flow hai aapke writing me boss, awesome

  7. Ladke kya lines hai!!! kya feeling hai! Awesome vikas.

  8. kiske baarein mein hai? 😉 😛

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