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2 SEPTEMBER , 2k10. Thursday. time : 10:30 pm.

from: a heart, full of love.

to : a heartless, who didn’t value it.((sheer luck))

“————————- ENOUGH OF HATING YOU….!!!! —————————————“

Since long time,
                    I haven’t seen your face,
Everyday I try,
                    to remove every trace.
Life has been,
                    a hell to me,
every new event,
                    seems dull to me.
Now I don’t find,
          anything new,
Is that an extent
                    of hating you..???——————————(1).

:) :)

Every sweet picture,
                    is getting fade/Blur,
A lot of time I try,
                    I can’t make it clear.
I don’t know why,
                    now this air hurts..???
Without you,
                    why my mind bursts..???
I feel that,
                    I’m unable to breathe.
without your dream,
                    why can’t I sleep..???
May be one day,
                    bud of love’ll grew,
Is that an extent
                    of hating you..???—————————–(2).

:) :)

Some day back,
                    I try to smile,
I thank to god,
                    It remain for a while.
In front of you,
                    i wanna remain blind,
B’Coz that was you,
                    who left me behind.
I’ve reasons for,
                    living very few,
Is that because,
                    of hating you..???——————————(3).


It was me,
                    to give away myself whole,
It was me,
                    to surrender my soul.
It was my feeling,
                    (that) makes you diamond from coal,
My love was a sky,
                    there wasn’t any hole(i want to give you whole).
I don’t know,
                    whatever you heard…
But for me,
                    you was my only world…!!!
Anymore My feelings,
                    ain’t belongs to you,
I’ve started to hating you..!!!
(your act forced me, to start hating you)———————-(4).

amazing :) :)

I can’t feel,
                    that essence in the breeze,
My heart has now,
                    started to freeze.
Get out of my mind,
                    easily please..!!
I wanna live,
                    at utmost ease.
I don’t wanna,
                    even remember you,
But i can’t control,
                    (the) feeling of hating you…!!!—————-(5).

Lots of thoughts,
                    No one ain’t new,
I can’t stop thinking,
                    that’s your hue.
Keep gazing azure sky,
                    till the morning dew,
writing from my heart,
                    it’s sole letter true.
you ain’t missing me,
                    that’s nothing new,
Whatever I’m today,
                    it’s coz of hating youuuuuu………………..(6)



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13 thoughts on “ENOUGH OF HATING YOU….!!!!

  1. vaani on said:

    good……lots of rhymes………………:) well done and keep writing

  2. vipin arya on said:

    oooo bete ki jaan dhansu hai…………..

  3. Really nice.. 🙂

  4. awesome work bhai 🙂

  5. vipul on said:

    great work buddy….

  6. Akinza on said:

    maft hai bhai….keep it up!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sunil on said:

    Kabeer ki rozi roti to gayi!!!

  8. Sreeshilpa S on said:

    The way the words flow seems to have lot of feelings in it.
    Very well expressed!! 🙂

  9. deeply carved feelings

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